Profile Equalizer Lite

Create an equalizer profile according to your hearing for the optimal experience.

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With this equalizer you can create a profile according to your hearing for the optimal listening experience. 

Also available in this equalizer app are Bass Boost and Virtualization.

With Profile Equalizer, you get the most out of your headphones by completing a mini listening test. This will create an extra profile and automatically adjust the equalizer to your hearing and headphones.

With the profile turned on, the equalizer is automatically adjusted to match the volume.

This unique feature allows for equal audibility of all frequencies at different volumes.  

You can also create your own equalizer preset with this equalizer in the Lite version. 

This equalizer runs on in the background and can thus be used for any streaming source.

For optimal listening pleasure for your headphones and hearing, you need to create a profile for a headphone by completing a mini listening test.

In this test, 5 different frequencies are played and it is important that you adjust the respective frequency range so that the sound is barely audible.

With these settings the optimal volume for your hearing is determined according to ISO 226:2003 and added to the equalizer.

Likewise, when the volume is changed with the profile switched on, the frequency ranges are adjusted to the volume according to ISO 226:2003, so that, for example, at low volume the low frequency range becomes louder.

For the best tuning, it is recommended to select the equalizer preset "Flat" with the profile switched on.

Use this method to get the most out of your headphones.

The Profile Equalizer Lite can also be used as a normal equalizer with bass boost and virtualization. In this case, only the profile must be switched off and only the separate equalizer must be switched on.

With the Profile Equalizer Lite you can create a listening profile for a headphone and a preset you have created yourself for an optimized listening experience.

To create unlimited profiles and presets without ads please purchase the Pro version which will be available soon.

Available in the Lite version:


- Headphone profile creation (1 device)

- Custom preset (1 device)

- Bass Boost

- Virtualization

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