Profile Equalizer Lite (Android)

Equalizer with Bass Boost, Virtualizer (with AUX), hearing test and sound limiter (protection against overdriving). 

Available here: Google Play Store

Arena Tester Mobile (Android)

Update 23.03:

Fixed: Stuck at team edit screen.

The update can be downloaded here.

Update 02.12:

Fixed: Calibration error with relics hint.

Update 06.10:

If you have problems with the new game update and the Arena Tester hangs, please recalibrate by closing the app in the accessibility settings. Then open the app via the app icon and select the language with which you log into the Arena Tester. Then reset the calibration. After that you can restart the app in the accessibility settings, log in and complete the calibration again with the 2 star champs. After that, the Arena Tester should run as usual again.

You can find the calibration and installation instructions here.

Update 04.08:

Fixed: Testing was stoping at achievement screen

Added: Testing stops, when no internet connection is available.

Update 17.05:

Fixed: Champ information gets closed again.

Added: Automatical stop testing when a call is incoming can be activated in App setting (click on App icon).

Update 03.05:

When the tester is used as a Mcoc Bot: It should be noted that the testing of the app only took place for a maximum of 8 hours a day and not overnight. Also, no 5 star champions and only the milestones were achieved. No problems have been found with this method so far.

Update 05.04:

Fix for new Marvel Contest of Champions Version.

Update 07/10.03:

Hotfix for new game surface.

Help requests could be activated in app settings (click on app icon).

Update 03.03:

New version available Arena Tester Mobile v1.0.12.

Bug fixed: Champ position error occurred too often when selecting champs.

Changed: Position of the restart button.

If version v1.0.11 was installed, there is no need to recalibrate.

Update 26.02:

New version available Arena Tester Mobile v1.0.11.

The following languages have been added: Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese and Russian 

The calibration can be reseted in the new Arena Tester settings.  (Click on App icon) 

The following bugs have been fixed: Partially not fought at the start of the series.

It has to be recalibrated !!

Update 11.02:

Fixed: Some fights didn't go and the champ information after fight was not closed automatically.

Update 20.01 (Hotfix):

Fixed a bug where combat was no longer working.

Simply install and start. If you get an error message or the fight still does not work, please go to Android Settings> Apps-> MyApplication->Delete data and calibrate again the same way as during the first installation. If still no automatic fighting is possible, please send an email with short error description to:

As compensation, 10 additional days have been activated for each user.

Update 19.12:

New: 24 hours test access after registration. Immediate activation.

No bans during current mcoc bot ban wave !!!!

Update 03.12:

Fighting improvement

For direct use on the Android 8+ Smartphone without laptop or pc.

Arena Tester Mobile is a test app for the arena in Marvel Contest of Champtions. The app can be run directly on the smartphone or laptop, without a connection to a laptop or Pc, which other Mcoc bots need. No "rooting" is necessary. Only an Android version higher than or equal to Android 8 must be available.